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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are we smarter than a raccoon? I guess not.

Well I can quit worrying about the rooster – he is outside right now in full voice. 
Got the first Barn Quilt done and up.  Putting it up. I couldn’t watch – a ladder on gravel and way above their heads.
How it looks up. View from almost the street.
Still working on the other one it will go on the other side of the building.
While I was working on it Bill and our friend Tom were building birdhouses as most of ours got trashed last winter. Bill is building them and Tom is painting them. Good team work.
The new contractors got so much done the other night. The shower is completely in with plumbing even and one of the vanities is even completely installed. They are supposed to come back this evening and hopefully finish up. Then I’ll just have to do the painting in there – again. (And still have to finish the bridge.)
And will also have to paint the hallway where a hammer from the bathroom came through. Sure hope we can match the paint close enough so I just have to do the one wall and not the whole hall.
Glory Be – tomorrow we are actually going to pick up the Alfa. Then we have all the stuff that has been sitting in the garage to put back in it. I know everything will have to be cleaned/washed before putting it back. Oh well more to keep us busy.

And about the raccoon. He has become a real pest – tearing up the screen and coming into the back porch. So we bought a live trap and finally figured out how to set it up and put it right by the torn screen with bananas inside it. I was sitting in the den watching TV about 11:00 last night when I heard SNAP – the trap closing. Sure enough there was the raccoon inside. Now what to do with him?  Bill had wired the back of the trap so the animal couldn’t get out that way. So anyway he took him, trap and all out and put it in the bed of the pickup thinking we’d take him out to the woods way far away this morning. HA – this morning the trap sat empty in the truck. He figured out how to get out past the trap door – AND THEN had the gall to come back up on the porch and make another mess!!! So on to plan B.


  1. No advise about the raccoon-sorry. The barn quilt is wonderful! Love the colors and can't wait to see the next! Very busy at your house.
    My brother and his wife live in their 40' Alfa and love it. Good luck with that raccoon.

  2. I know it must have been very frustrating for you but I found your raccoon story very funny for some reason this morning. Thank you for making me laugh on this rainy day. The barn quilt is beautiful and am looking forward to seeing some finished bird houses.

  3. some smart raccoon you have there lol. love the barn quilt

  4. Hi! Haven't dropped by in a while. You have been busy.
    Our bathroom renos are delayed to mid July thanks to the condo board "losing" our application.

    Don't miss those pesky raccoons we used to have when we were in our house!!!