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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We trapped at WHAT?

Tuesday afternoon and we are wondering if we’ll get rain or not. Lots of it and wind scattered around the state. And very warm 90+ and humid. The corn and beans sure look a lot happier this year than last year. Growing like crazy. The farmers need a good year.
And I’m sure glad we don’t have to depend on trapping wild animals for a living or eating. Although we are getting better. As I said Sunday morning we took “Rocky” for a ride into the forest. So we were pretty proud of ourselves. But were pretty sure we’d seen more than one raccoon around here so we set the live trap up again Sunday night. Sure enough about 10:30 I heard noises out on the porch. And there was a raccoon. BUT he/she/it had managed to spring the trap door while still outside the trap. And was now reaching through the wires trying to pull the food out so he could eat it. I opened the door and yelled at him and he took off back through the tear in the screen. I reset the trap door and replaced some food.
Monday morning Bill got up before me and went to check the trap. I heard loud barking coming from the back. What the heck? Do raccoons bark? Bill came back into the bedroom and I asked him what was going on. Well seems like we caught a dog! Yep a black and tan dog was inside the trap well and good caught. And he was not a happy camper. Had never seen him before – and hope never to see him again. Bill opened the trap door and he flew out and through the tear in the screen making it bigger. Good riddance. So last night set the trap again. Didn’t hear anything before I went to bed but sometime during the night a smaller raccoon snuck in and got trapped. He managed to turn the trap over and had a lot of time to dig up the carpet. Nice hole in it now. That’s some of the carpet in the cage with him.
Another early morning ride. Letting him go into the woods.
Oh nuts – our regular pest control man is here now and he is telling us that raccoons can find their way back from five miles away. I knew we should have spray painted their tails so we could tell if they came back or not. Any way the trap will be set again tonight as he says there can be several members in a raccoon family. Just what we wanted to hear.
But we have nice wild life too. This deer loves tortillas.
Can’t eat them fast enough.
One thing after another – the pest control man just let us know there is a leak under the bathroom sink in the basement. GRRRRR…..Any one want to buy a house? A big house with new bathrooms and with lots of wild life? Also found a dead bird in a glue trap in the living room. How did it get inside? And when?
I did manage to get something productive done though. Made a necklace using one of the tiny wood faces we brought home with us. Picture doesn’t do it justice.
Little by little we are getting stuff out of the garage and cleaning it and washing it and polishing it and figuring out where the heck it goes in the Alfa.

Too hot to do much more today.  


  1. May I say "What an entertaining life you have?" So funny... to me, not you!

  2. Over at Panchito's Body Shop, they have the same kind of traps as you, but smaller, for rats. Panchito and his dad don't like to kill things. Catch and release is what they do.

    I have thought about getting traps for Home Camp. I have seen some big rats around here.


  3. You feed the wild animals which will attract raccoons also. I also live in an area with a lot of them. You cannot leave food where they can get to it