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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Barn Quilt up.

Another exciting day in Brown County. Yesterday Bill and our friend Tom put up the second Barn Quilt. Looks good.
And Bill got the graphics put on his new little pickup. It’s different. No more to do with it – I think – I hope.
I finally finished painting the walls in the upstairs bathroom – will wait a week or so then do the trim. Want to wait until the wall paint is really dry. And today Bill put up all the accessories. Towel racks etc.
After I finished painting I even vacuumed up some of the remainder of the winter bugs dead under all the furniture in the living room etc. Feel better now – things are getting clean! And then I baked an apple pie. Yum! Smells so good when baking.

And after that? Well I pigged out on NASCAR most of the rest of the day. Lots of practice, qualifying and the Nationwide race last night. Race had to be stopped because of rain. And today again it is raining in Kentucky. So  tonight's race will be delayed or run real late. 
Had another raccoon in the trap this morning - I hope it was a different one and not one who has found his way back. Doesn't look  happy does he? So we took him for a long ride to his new home. 
I still think we need to spray paint their tail so we know if they come back or not. 
Coming home from town after breakfast I was playing with my camera again. A storm was moving in. And when it hit the thunder shook the house - have never heard it that loud. Poured buckets for a while, got real windy and cold out and then moved on. But think we'll get more before the night is over. 
As for the playing with the camera - discovered black and white and took a couple of shots of clouds and shadows. 


  1. Coons are very plentiful around there! Love the barn quilts, they are very colorful.

  2. Carol,
    I really liked your black and white pics!


    1. Thank you - taken from a moving car I think they came out nice.