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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Kept really busy yesterday and am paying for it today. Places I forgot I had ache.
Lots of work got done in the upstairs bathroom, almost ready to finish the painting. And some of the ceiling tiles went up in the downstairs bathroom. So now all the stuff from in there is scattered all over our bedroom. Can hardly move down there. And how dirty everything was/is – embarrassing! But it just sat collected dirt all winter.
I worked on a little mosaic table I’d made a few years ago. All the top varnish was flaking off so I took the wire brushes to it and got it really cleaned up and ready to be varnished again. The bridge is still too damp to work on – though hopefully today if my old bones start working again I’ll go out there and start preparing it for paint.
After the contractor left we went into town – to eat lunch of course and to the home improvement store where I had a creepy crawly experience. We were out in the plant section just walking around and I felt something drop on my neck and then  start crawling down my back!!!!! Stuck my arm down my shirt and caught it. IT WAS A TICK!!!! I freaked out. And I was still imagining things crawling on me last night. ICK! Double ICK!

Boy the Indiana Pacers got trounced last night. Too bad. We were watching a TV show Sunday night and saw The Texas Tenors for the first time. Three guys with beautiful voices. If you get a chance to see then do it. Hopefully this fall we’ll go to Branson on our way west and see their show. 


  1. Hope you can come to the show! Thanks for watching! All the best, Marcus THE TEXAS TENORS

  2. Can't wait to see it all finished. You two keep so busy. Ich is right, I'd freak out I'm sure.