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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Simple things.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy – the new contractor is here and is tearing out all the shower and toilet. All new will be put in. Lovely. But at least it is getting done. It is 7:30 in the evening now. He started work about an hour ago and figures it will take him just a couple more evenings. And he is going to finish absolutely everything in that bathroom, except the painting which I’ll have to do all over again.
Have not heard the neighbor’s rooster since yesterday morning when he was over here picking up corn kernels around our trees. He’s a pretty thing. Hope he is okay. We have coyotes, foxes and big wild cats in the woods.
Simple things amuse simple minds. Bill and I love to sit out front and watch the squirrels with the corn ferris wheels. They sure can contort.
holding corn in his "hands"

Got the front side of one of my barn quilts polyurethaned today. Will do the back side tomorrow morning and can maybe get it hung tomorrow afternoon. So excited. Starting on the second on – it’s going to be red, white and blue so had to go to town to get some really red paint. Think it will look good. 
There are orange day lilies in bloom all over – they grow wild in the woods. They are so pretty.
A cold front is supposed to be moving through this evening but think the rain will be south of us. Can already feel the cooler air. So tomorrow morning bright and early I should go out and finish painting the bridge. Ugh. 
Heard on the news that the area where we store the Alfa was getting winds and one inch hail. Hope it’s okay. Maybe we should call tomorrow – or go pick it up this week!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the barn quilts up!

  2. Get someone else to paint the bridge. Then get a lounge chair to sit in. Then watch the painting.

    Now.......isn't that better? Hmmmmm?

    Tu amigo,