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Monday, June 10, 2013

More life in Brown County fun

Got my wood squares for my barn quilts all primed and ready to be painted. Have spent most of yesterday and this morning pouring over quilt square patterns. Hard to make up my mind. I want it colorful but not too busy. And easy to lay out on the 3 x 3 piece of wood. Have narrowed it down to five different patterns. Now to choose and to block it out for painting.
Weather today is weird. Muggy but not too hot. One minute it is bright blue sky and lots of sun then we can hear the rain coming through the trees and then a big black cloud will appear over head and drop a few splatters of rain. Then we can hear the rain  in the trees out back as the sun comes out in front again. Had lots of rain last night so the bridge is too wet again to paint. Oh dear!
Also discovered the shower walls were put in wrong in the upstairs bathroom - of course it the walls surrounding them I just finished painting. It will all have to ripped out and be redone. Just hope we can still use them. The mess never ends. Waiting for a new contractor to come by and tell us for sure what needs to be done - redone! So only two rooms remain all messed up instead of the whole house.
Bill's pickup is in getting the bumpers and bottom part of the sides painted with thick black bumpy paint. Protects it from scratches and loose gravel. Also getting running boards put on it. Make it easier to get in and out of.


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