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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Got lots of painting done yesterday

Rainy, cloudy, foggy and cool this morning. And we had to go into town. Now thought it is clearing up and the sun is coming out but it will be HUMID for sure.
Yesterday was busy. I got the entire first coat done in the upstairs bathroom AND the first coat on the front side of one side of the bridge. Too bad it rained this morning – can’t work out there today cause everything is too wet. (And it should rain for the next couple of days – boo hoo.)
Mentioned we went into town yesterday and of course we had to stop for breakfast. Then to home improvement store. While at there I reached into my purse for the telephone and it wasn’t there – neither was my camera! OMG! Where could they be? We’d only been for breakfast and into Menards. And no one was even close to me any where. So decided I must have picked them up at home then set them back down on the counter instead of in my purse. Whew – relax.  Oh NO – got home and they weren’t any where to be found. Searched the whole house. So I called the restaurant and the manager answered. He had both of them and they were in his officer. While there I’d taken them out of the purse pocket they were in to see something and when I put them back I missed the pocket and dropped them on the seat. Holey Moley scarey. Will be lots more careful in the future. When we went into the restaurant this morning I got quite a bit of teasing about leaving them.
The ceiling in the downstairs bathroom will be done by today – I think. Then I just have to put everything back in there. Have to clean it all up first though.

I got the first coat of primer on one of my Barn Quilt squares. Do want to get the primer on both them today – I can do that in the garage. Then I have to decide on the quilt patterns I’ll paint on them. Here’s some info on Barn Quilts if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  http://www.barnquiltinfo.com/  Ours are only going to be three feet square as that’s all the room we have. 

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