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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Living in a Wildlife Refuge

After a dark and stormy night and rain most of the day the sun finally came out for a little while. And it was like we were living in a zoo. Out front we had the squirrels on the ferris wheels and the neighbors rooster – mouthing off and strutting all over. And for the first time this year a big wild tom turkey.
Out back we had this lovely doe.

An assortment of squirrels and chipmunks. Along with, of course, the raccoon and a rabbit. First rabbit I’ve seen out back. And the birds….all kinds of birds at the feeders. One really mean dove who keeps chasing everyone else away. A couple hummingbirds, a cardinal pair, blue jays, blackbirds and crows and the small red-headed woodpecker. Don’t mind him being here as long as he eats seed and not our house. Also small black birds with russet colored heads – several of them. And all the time the frogs were croaking from the pond. Sound like big ones now not the little ones we had a couple of weeks ago.
Times like this I forget the aggravations of living in the county and just enjoy the scenery.
After one more storm tonight we are supposed to have four – FOUR – days with no rain. Miracle.
I did a little more painting in the bathroom but still have to wait on the contractor to finish repairing the walls. And now we have to wait for a plumber cause the fixtures Bill picked out our contractor(?) doesn’t know how to install them. I said we lived in the country.
Bill continues to play with his pickup. Everyday something else is delivered to put in or on it.
June already. How did that happen so quick? Watched the truck race yesterday and Kyle won. The Nationwide race today he should have won. Had the fastest car by far but took four tires when every one else took two and there weren’t enough laps left in the race for him to get back up front. Hope he learned his lesson for tomorrow. Also watched the last two La Liga (Spanish soccer) games of the season. That is Bill watched them and I watched them during the commercials of the NASCAR commentary.

Hummm… sounds like Bill is playing musical cars. Now the Jeep and my car are in the garage and the new pickup is under the carport. 

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