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Friday, June 14, 2013

Have you seen a brown cat?

Nice summer weather here at least for a while.
I was reading a book the other day and it mentioned a character picking up her “dark brown cat.” It was named Coffee because of its color. Got me to thinking. I don’t ever remember seeing a brown cat. I’ve seen white, gray, black, tan, calico, tiger striped, and orange striped – but never a dark brown cat.
Also found out that one of our sons is now engaged. She is a wonderful woman and he is a lucky man. No wedding date yet.
I’ve been real busy with the Barn Quilts. 
It just needs second coat of all colors and then to be polyurethaned and hung. Don’t know how we’ll get it up on the car port but I’m sure Bill will think of something. I’ve also decided the colors for the second one. They are fun to do….where can we hang more?
Monday a couple people are supposed to come and check out the upstairs bathroom and see if it can be fixed without too much problem. Big problem or not it has to be fixed – can’t use the shower the way it is. Maybe next time I won’t be too cheap to use Angie’s List.

Found a new blog. It is a couple who are from California and they are FLYING Route 66. How much fun that would be. Check it out – it’s now on my list of blogs to follow. 

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