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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cool and windy day - love it!

The really bad weather missed us last night – was far north of us. We just got a little rain and today we are nice and cool with a pretty good wind – not dangerous but keeping the wind chimes busy.
Boy these animals are eating us out of house and home. Pretty soon we’re going to have to make signs and stand on the corner downtown “Need money to feed the animals.” Wonder if it would work? This morning for the first time I saw the doe with one blind eye. She has been coming here for three or four years so I was worried about her.
This week our little town is pretty busy. The Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival is here for the whole week. One of the longest running bluegrass events in the country. Bill Monroe used to own the land where it is held in the little town of Bean Blossom – just a couple of miles to the east of us. Yep that is really its name - Bean Blossom. Maybe because of all the soy bean fields around it. That’s where the covered bridge is and a small grocery store that has been in business since they delivered household items using a wagon. Also according to legend Dillinger used to come there to visit a “house of ill repute” and when he came to town the sheriff hid in a culvert to keep from getting killed.  During the winter when the trees have lost their leaves we can see the “house” from our back deck.
Worked on the barn quilt again this morning. Have learned a few things in case I want to make more. Do NOT use particle board for them. The surface isn’t smooth enough. I know - I should have known that but didn’t think about it. Also Frog Tape doesn’t work on particle board. The paint runs down in the little crevices and makes a mess. So now I’m doing it free hand which is amazing considering how much my hands shake. But this morning I was pretty steady and managed to stay within the lines.

Bill is in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Making lots of breaded chicken filets. Then he fries them in canola oil. When done he’ll freeze them. So good for a sandwich or when I don’t feel like fixing a dinner. Just thaw them and heat them. He told me I’d better not take a picture of him or he would start a blog and put lots of pictures of me in it. I don’t think so – hate my picture taken. 
Been doing some cleaning and sorting through paper back books. We have so many we need to get rid of. No more places to put them. 

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