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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quiet Day - Well except for gunshots in woods

Quiet day today. Went into town early this a.m. for breakfast and to go to home improvement store and WalMart. Got some things needed to finish bathroom and other odds and ends.
Then home to watch NASCAR race which took up most of rest of day. Kyle should have won but again took four tires instead of two with only a few laps left to go. Got a respectable 4th place though. 
We were going to stop in Nashville on the way home and check out a couple of new businesses - a Tea Shop and a new art gallery -  but forgot and bought stuff that had to be refrigerated. So on home.
Nice day mostly sunny with a few big black clouds that didn't dump on us. 
Got a couple wire brushes so tomorrow morning I can start scraping the bridge - well that's what I say today we'll see. Supposed to be dry and in high 70s for next few days. A good time to do it.
About the gun shots. Someone around us is out in the woods practicing with their guns. I know our neighbor down in the holler said he was going to teach his young daughter to shoot. Maybe it was him. It's just something we have got used to living here. It was two years ago today that Bill had his open heart surgery. Thank goodness for such a thing. 

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