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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Working hard.

Bill is off again with his truck. Getting an alarm and remote start installed on it. He asked if I wanted to go with him. NO. Not interested in sitting around a shop all day. Yesterday I’m sure glad I didn’t go with him. He was supposed to get a new oil gage installed. A 45 minute job. Spent all day at the mechanics! Comedy of errors with the part. So I worked around here. Did too much – old bones aren’t happy with me today.
I got most of the primer on my barn quilt pieces. Painted more on the bridge - one whole side has first coat on it. It’s going to take at least three coats! Why did I say I’d do it???
Got the bathroom downstairs all cleaned up and all the pictures and knick knacks put back in it. Hasn’t been this clean top to bottom in years. 

Sure looks pretty though.
Also did some work in the upstairs bathroom – painting and cleaning.
I used to really enjoy painting. But not so much any more. 
Now I find out it probably was all done in vain as the shower walls were put in wrong and probably have to be ripped out so that the shower doors will fit right. AARRGG! More mess – and that will be a big mess I bet. So I’m not even going to go in there until it is all done over again. And yesterday I vacuumed the hall AND the stairs!
All NASCAR practice and qualifying was rained out yesterday so had to make do with the truck race last night. Just not the same when Kyle isn’t racing. Two of his company trucks wrecked and the only one left came in 6th which isn't too bad. Expensive night for his company. Today hopefully there will be some Cup car practice to watch. Maybe I’ll start putting my afghan together while watching. The great grand baby is due sometime this month so I’d better get at it. And maybe learn to do the rib stitch with some left over yarn.
Was watching the animals out back for a while yesterday. Aren’t they cute? Haven't seen the rabbit again though. 
Supposed to be nice weather around here for a couple of days. Dry and not too hot. Enjoying it while I can. By middle of next week it should hit 90. By this time last year it had been 90 or over for several days. 


  1. Bathroom looks great! Like the "accent" tiles around the tub area-nice touch!
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  2. You guys always keep so busy. Such full lives. I love that about you two! The bathroom turned out fabulous. Great work! So...who gets the first soak in that lovely tub? :)

  3. your bathroom really looks amazing..i love the style of it specially its very spacious..i am gathering some ideas on how to have a great bathroom that would look fabulous.