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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A busy day at home

Wednesday a.m.

After mentioning the radio station KORN I discovered we don’t have a radio in the house. Never thought of that before.
And the visit to the heart doctor went great. He pronounced Bill fit as a fiddle and doesn't need to see him for another year. Yippee!We had a really busy day yesterday. No, really we did. Bill finished up four new Wind Spirit of Brown County pieces. We got some faux fur at Hobby Lobby the other day and it really adds a cute woodsman look to them.

Brown County Wood Spirit
And I was doing laundry – I hate it when I let it got for a week. How do two people generate so much laundry? It was neat in Mexico when we just dropped it off and picked it up again all ready to be put away. And while loads were doing their thing I was working on my rainbow quilt. The light on my sewing machine is burnt out so I am using a clip on light. I think so far it gives me more light on what I’m, doing.
All the colored strips are together now so I have to decide how to put it together. The blocks will be shades of pink, yellow, blue and green.
We had company for dinner last night two couple of our friends from here. I fixed Paella.  We don't put seafood of any kind in it, just chicken and Italian sausages. Turned out pretty good.

In the afternoon we watched the soccer game – Barcelona lost!!!! It was the semi-final for the European championship! Chelsea was playing one man down almost the whole game but Barcelona just didn’t have their act together yesterday. Today Real Madrid plays a Bayer Munich (sp?) for the other spot in the final game.
Been playing around with the camera – liking it better now. Took this out the front window of the Jeep on the way into town. Turned out pretty good. Like driving through a park.
Helmsburg Road Brown County, Indiana
Again playing around with the camera. Checking out the wide angle and flash and other parts of it. Took this pic from the computer room looking towards the living room. Bill built the bookcase – It takes up the entire wall. Can just see the stained glass windows in living room. I made the quilts a long time ago. In fact the one on the left is the very first one I made in a class at JoAnns in Vegas.
And then Bill picked the camera up and took a picture of me just after he told me he wanted more changes of the web pages.
What thoughts are going through my mind?
Blogger has changed it's format again. Why do companies keep doing that? Why not leave things that work alone!?

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  1. When I couldn't get sleep several months ago, I ended up counting the radios I have, and came up with +/- 28, maybe one or two don't work. I bet I missed a couple. When are you going to tell us what camera you got? don't be shy.