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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain and Cold Yesterday - Sun and Warm Today

Sunday a.m.

Rained off and on most of yesterday, sun finally coming out in time to set. Did find out that the MiFi does slow down if the storm is hard enough. When it was raining hard and the wind was blowing and the skies were making noise the MiFi slowed down quite a bit. At least it didn’t go off.
One period when it wasn’t raining I walked around the edge of the forest looking for mushrooms – morels – didn’t see any.
To steep and wet to venture very far down. Bill would never find me if I slid down the hill.
Saw plenty of other mushrooms though.
Don't eat these mushrooms - fungus
I know they grow out there as everyone else can find them. Guess I just don’t know how to look for them. The walk also rubbed in how much work we should be doing outside. Today would be a great day to work out there. The weeds would come right up the ground is so wet. Some how it just doesn’t sound fun anymore. Looking up at the house
Watched the NASCAR race from Texas last night – boring race – and long race. At least the #18 made it to the end without something going wrong. Maybe his luck is turning around.
This coming week will be soccer games – three important ones coming up with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Playing others and then each other.
I finished my baby blanket yesterday and Bill spent a lot of time in his leather work shop.

Just a cuddly fleece blanket Love the colors

Leather mask in progress

Fixed eggplant parmesan for dinner turned out pretty good. Next time I’ll know what I’m doing and it will be better. Didn’t have enough tomatoes and spices this time.
Had a sip of the new chocolate wine after dinner. Don’t like it as well as the other one I had. Not as creamy tasting. But don’t get me wrong it was gooood. I won't throw it away!
Just printed a couple of stained glass patterns I want to make – haven’t played with the stained glass in over a year. That’s one of those things you have to be in the mood to do. Also tried out my “Texture” printer paper – gives the photo a watercolor look. Took me a bit to figure out how to set up the printer to accept the paper but it turned out a nice picture. A little more muted then when printing on canvas. I think I like the canvas better.
Today we may go on a search for the shelf stable 8oz cartons of milk we like. Go to Bloomington and check out the three big grocery stores there. If we can’t find it I’ll end up ordering it on line I guess. It should be a nice day for a ride – supposed to be in the 80s.
Bill got up this morning around 4:00 and stayed up – playing on the computer. Now he is back in bed. Wish I could take naps like he can. If I do then I am up all night.

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