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Friday, April 13, 2012

Frost and Flowers

Friday the 13th – and here I thought today was Saturday until I went on-line. Wasn’t there a Friday the 13th a few months ago too? [looked it up it was in January] No wonder Bill went back to bed.

Finished up working on the web site yesterday. Except for new items it is finally done. All SEO stuff done, new text navigation buttons that are set up so I only have to change them in one place and they’ll change on all the pages when published. Here he is working on a new mask
And the mask – it isn’t anywhere near finished yet but it will be pretty.
At least it is warmer here today – well that is relative….It’s about 42! He had a doctors appt yesterday morning at 9:00 and there was frost every where. Almost enough to look like snow on the roof. Good thing the Alfa is back in storage or we might be heading south again today. Going down the road into town here is frost in a field.
And the outside temperature – at 9:00 a.m.  With the sun shinning brightly!– Got really cold over night.
About docs appt. All good news. He’s good to go for many more years.
Went into town for breakfast and shopping after that. Ended up buying some hanging plants for the front of the house. Very pretty ones – only need about 20 more!
Then to Hobby Lobby – that is a dangerous store to let us loose in. Got some material to make a baby blanket – another great grandchild on the way. And some textured printer paper – supposed to make photos look like pastels or watercolors when printed. We’ll see….anxious to try it.
Took a quick walk around the house this morning - and a lot of our outdoor plants are blooming. And there are lots of buds ready to open. Hope we don't have another frost.


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