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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunshine, woodpeckers and soccer game

Wednesday a.m.

Beautiful day today – blue sky puffy white clouds – no wind but cold. Had frost last night. And “they” say frost again tonight then a warming trend. Goody.
looking towards Indianapolis 40 miles away
Again spending the day working on http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/ web pages. Almost finished. Except he is busy down in the work room designing masks – which will have to be added when they are done. No rest for the weary.  A couple works in progress.

We are both experimenting with the painting of the leather – I need to stay away from it though as it is addictive and I have enough hobbies without getting into another one. Do need to go to town and buy some "medium” to mix with the paint to help it spread smoother. Always some little thing we don’t have – closest place to buy it is 20 miles away. Fun of living in the country.
Speaking of living in the country – I saw a censes map from 2010 – there are only 15,000 people living in the whole of Brown County!!! I guess we’re lucky we even have a McDonalds. Here’s the line to it – worth checking out. http://projects.nytimes.com/census/2010/map?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=thab1
I’ve set up a facebook page and twitter account for Fantasy Manor but now I can’t find them. Grrrrrrr – I know they are there – also need to learn how to add pics to twitter. Being dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st century I guess. Just finished reading I should also set up a blog for that site…..When will it stop?
Saw some deer out back this morning – they were looking up at the porch as if “Hey where’s the corn?” So threw some out but it scared them away. Lots more squirrels this year than last and the chipmunks are out and about too.
While looking at the view I heard a wood pecker tap, tap, tapping out in the woods. Since we painted the house they’ve stopped making holes in it thank goodness. Guess they don’t like the flavor of the paint. Or maybe the paint just sealed it and keeps the bugs out too.
Good smell coming from downstairs. Went down to check. Bill is baking. He loves pie crusts – not pies – just the crust. He spreads just a taste of jelly on them and bakes them really really brown. Weird! If and when I ever bake a pie he eats all the crust from the edges leaving the pie itself for me.
He also is baking one of his masks to dry and set it. Complicated affair the mask making. [Yum dinner - cooked cow hide - NOT]
This afternoon is what should be a very good soccer game so we’ll stop everything and watch that.

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