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Monday, April 16, 2012

Winds and Power Out

Monday p.m

Meant to get this done this morning but we went into town for breakfast and shopping instead.
The sun is popping in and out today but the wind is still blowing pretty strong. Winds were worse yesterday and a tree must have fell down somewhere in the woods as suddenly we were without power. Not an unusual Brown County happening. It was off for about two hours. And while we were in town this morning it must have gone off again as all the clocks were blinking when we got home.
Yesterday we took a trip to the west to the bigger town of Bloomington [Indiana University is there] to try to find shelf stable milk. Checked out three of the bigger grocery stores there but couldn’t find any. Guess I’ll have to order it on-line from Borden. It is regular homogenized milk that has been vacuum packed and can be kept in the cupboard for months. I’ve kept some for over a year. I like the 8oz packages because once the package is opened it goes bad just like regular milk within a few days. We don’t use much milk so the small packages are ideal for us.
Just went out to get the mail. Opened a bill from HughesNet for our last month of service. Only $5.00??? humm – then I looked at the account number – not mine. I knew closing that service went way too easy. Have to call them to figure out what is going on. Grrrrr.
And another surprise – our little water company has finally moved into the 21st century – they have gone on-line. So I went to their site to set up my billing – can’t do it because I have a credit balance. Can only do it if I owe them money so will have to wait until I use up my credit. Someone is knocking ont he door and Bill doesn't seem to be answering it - so got to go now..... 

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  1. love the pics...looks like a very quiet and peaceful place you have there. The masks look great .