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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flowers and Rainy Days at Home

Have been keeping very busy the few days. Got the Alfa completely cleaned out and just plain cleaned and he is now back at the storage lot. Hated to leave him there but will not be going any where for a while and didn’t want the mice to find him here. Poor Alfie. We'll miss you.

Stopped to visit a neighbor down the hill a couple of days ago and had to take a picture of a couple of her plants. She says this is a Japanese Rose – beautiful yellow bush
A closer look at the flowers on it.
And her Irises are blooming beautiful.
Last year her garden was included in the Brown County Garden Tour. It is outstanding – and a lot of work. The redbud trees are alreading losing their flowers and getting their leaves. Most of the trees are full of new leaves. And our neighbor across the street asked if he and his son could go down our hill to look for Morel mushrooms. They are out about a month earlier than usual. Told him sure as long as he gave us some too.
We’ve been shopping a couple of times. Got some edging blocks for the front yard and indoor/outdoor carpeting for the bedroom deck and lots of potting soil for the planters that go on the porch railing. Now if the weather would just settle down so we can get a few things done outside. It has been cold and rainy since we got home. What happened to the 85 degrees?
Bill has been rearranging his work area downstairs so he can begin working on his leather projects. And I’ve been redoing his web pages – he decided he wanted the web site to have a different name…So here it is – I’ve almost finished redoing it… http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/
And a picture of one of the masks.
He has unrolled and cleaned up all the cow hide but the pig hides are still rolled up in tightly sealed plastic bags. He can't unroll them until it is warm and dry enough outside to leave them there until they quit stinking!!!!
Talked to my one remaining highschool girl friend a couple of days ago. It is scarey to think she is the only person I'm still in touch with who remembers when we were 16. And just found out that my first husband died last week.  She knew him too. (Bill and I have been married 48 years already - so you know I was a child bride the first time.) And we are about to have our second great grandchild. Where did all those years go? 
Almost forgot to mention that I canceled HughesNet. They tried to talk me into keeping it but NO WAY - I love the MiFi. Works fast and no problems with it.
Nothing much else exciting going on around here.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Glad you are able to continue to use your MIFI and that it works so well.