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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday a.m.

Playing with the computer this morning. Had to add a couple of necklaces to my jewelry web pages. Both were started in Mexico – one last year and one this year. Pretty slow in beading lately. Then had to republish a lots of other ones cause in the mean time I’ve changed computers and the pictures couldn’t be located! http://www.beadedcustomdesigns.com/necklaces7.php the last two on the page. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with the web.
And Bloggers new design - I couldn't even figure out how to get in to make a post - well eventually I did - but it took a while. LEAVE THINGS ALONE when they work. New isn't always better!
Kept busy most of yesterday. Have all my quilt squares ready to be turned into triangles then need to decide how to place them.
Mentioning quilts I’ve been thinking about entering my big quilt in the quilt show this year. Not for judging – it’s not that good – but for exhibit. We’ll see if I have the nerve. I call it Brown County Autumn
Got my stained glass piece kind of soldered. Forgot how much the flux and solder stinks! Phew. When I finish it I'm going to do a hummingbird. I hang them in the windows on the front doors for the changes of the seasons. Just took my bunnies and Easter eggs down. And it's not time for 4th of July yet.
Bill worked out in the yard with the cleanup crew yesterday. Looks so much better now with most of the big weeds and downed branches gone. We were supposed to get a storm last night but it didn’t show up – all of it was north of us. And tomorrow it is supposed to get cold again. Low 50s during the day.
Then he made some crepes and carmel sauce. Yummmm.....The carmel is just condensed milk boiled until it hardens.
Watched Real Madrid get beat in their soccer match. So now neither of the Spanish teams will be going to the Europa Championship. And it was predicted they would be the two final teams. Oh well. The consensus is pretty much that both Spanish teams were tired/worn out. As they both played two important games in the previous seven days.
Tonight is a charity race for NASCAR drivers in Richmond. Will watch that. Hope my driver has a better race than he's been having this year.
Then the library notified me that an ebook I’ve been waiting for was in. What a great system. All done on line then loaded into my Nook and I’m good to go.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt...dont underestimate yourself. :)

  2. Please give recipe how to make Paella.