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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spending time walking around town - Nashville, IN

Saturday a.m.

Raining outside, thunder has been rolling in the distance for hours. No lightening here and the thunder is just a low rumble. Light rain but it’s supposed to last most of the day. North of us – north of Indianapolis they are predicting lots of nasty weather with up to 2” of rain. Better them than us.
Yesterday was such a nice day we went into town, our little town of Nashville, and just walked around acting like a tourist. I’d forgot what a neat little place it is.
Came across a guy who does chain saw sculpturing – he is working on this. It is huge.
When I turned around to say something to Bill he was gone! I walked around the little shops in that area looking for him……Couldn’t find him. Waited in front of the restroom for a while thinking he might have gone in there….didn’t come out. So I made another tour of the shops then back to the car to see if he was there. Nope. Well crap! Now I was getting worried. Back to the restroom, could he have gotten sick and gone in there? So I stopped some poor unsuspecting man and asked him to go in to check for me. He looked at me a little strange but went in. Came back out “No one in there ma’am.” He sure hurried off after that. Another tour of the shops and there stood Bill looking for me as if I were the one who disappeared! He had walked off and gone into a leather shop that was around the corner and was talking to the people there about his masks. [I’m going to put a bell on him.]
One of the shops off the main street. See the grass on the roof?
In another section of town we found these ladies – the ones with the hats on.
They were acting like they lived in the town about 100 years ago. Talking to people and asking questions. One guy walked by – he was dressed in overalls, plaid shirt, boots and had a bushy white beard. One of the ladies went up to him and asked him if he was the guy with the still nearby. The look on his face was priceless. It turned into quite a conversation. The ladies – actors – are something new – hope they keep it up all year.
Right on Main Street in front of a couple of the galleries and candy store sits this old man and his dog. He is a manikin.
I know he talks when someone passes him but I jump just the same every time I go by. He gives a little history of the town and the building he is in front of.
It was a nice outing. Saw a couple of people we haven’t seen since last fall. And went to the Hoosier Artist Gallery where local artists have a co-op to display their creations. Bill got an application to fill out as they want more artists. He is starting to get serious about this – almost turning it into a JOB – horrors!
Before going home we stopped at the local IGA and picked up another bottle of Chocolate Wine – a different brand from the one I had – have to check it out to see if it’s as good.
The road up to the house on the hill – the trees are almost fully leafed out. Won’t be long. We're just up around the corner.
The morels are supposed to be ready for picking – they are $32 a package in the IGA – a small package. I really need to go look down the hill and hunt.
Added another page to Fantasy Manor Art Studio web site – hum without the “Art Studio” it kind of sounds like a site of ill repute. Added these little 4” x 4” pins.
They are made of leather.
A good day today to stay inside and putter around.

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