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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just getting things done here at home in Brown County

Tuesday a.m.

Stayed up last night watching old, old Doris Day movies. Lullaby of Broadway and another one with Gordon McGray – By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Really enjoyed them. Far cry from “Hunger Games.” TCM channel is running DD movies all this week. It is her birthday. The Web says she was born in 1924!
Should finish up cleaning Alfie today. Just have to vacuum and sport the rugs then oil the cabinets and he’ll be spick and span. Then he can go back to the storage lot before the mice find him.
Both Bill and I slowed almost to a stop over the last couple of days. Guess the trip home and getting things cleaned up in Alfie and the house finally caught up with us. I had planned on watching the race Sunday but when my favorite driver wrecked near the beginning I turned it off – only to turn it back on to see the finish. That part was good.
After that I spent some time on the computer reworking some cards and tags that Bill wants for his leather work. I think I have them the way he wants them now.
Tuesday p.m.
Ended up going to town this morning. Stopped for breakfast then to the home improvement store for lots of stuff (lights to go in drop down ceiling, carpeting for bedroom deck, bricks for a planter and planter mix- lots and lots of it and Wal*Mart for groceries.
Came home and finished cleaning the Alfa. Probably will take it to storage within the next few days.
Been working on the web pages for Bills leather goods – going to change the name on it. So lots of work to do as soon as I register the new name. Then watched a good soccer game Barcelona won. Bill is working on setting up his leather stuff so he can start making things.
Something is blooming in the forest and it smells so good outside. And lots of people were out mowing their grass this morning. Does anyone not like the smell of new mown grass? Sure glad we got home before all this bad weather hit the middle of the country. What a mess.

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