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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Problems with MiFi - I don't believe it!

Thursday a.m.

I don’t believe this…..we are now having problems with the MiFi – last night it quit working altogether … it has done this a couple of times before but come back on almost right away. Talked to tech support – only solution – go to Verizon store and exchange sim card it must be bad. Grrrrrrr….The dam thing is kind of working this morning – except it won’t let me publish my last web page!!!!! And it is cutting in and out. So guess that means a trip into Columbus this afternoon. We’re waiting for the yard clean up guy to come by this morning. Going to try and publish this now. Will add more if it works.
Took me five tries and a couple of hours to get this posted.


  1. sorry your having trouble....good luck

  2. Wow looks like a nice big place, I just bought a few plants for our front porch, nothing compared to yours. I have already planted tomatoes and chiles.
    Alicia (Saunders) Pizano

  3. Its a big place - I always said when I retired I was going to get a one bedroom apartment and a plastic plant - boy did I screw up