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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Camera, Recipe for Paella and Rain OH MY

A cold rainy Saturday morning.

Lots of thunder and it is supposed to last off and on for seven days. Depressing.
This is a good day to spend in front of a nice fireplace curled up with a good book/nook. So instead I’m on the Internet – go figure. At least the Internet is working with the Verizon MiFi – with HughesNet it would be out by now.
Lets see  - what to say first. Okay my new camera, I guess I’m going to keep it. Still like some of the features of the old one better, but now I can use either one depending on what I want to do. The new one is a Fujifilm. It has wide angle lens, 24x zoom, a view finder so I’ll still be able to see what I’m aiming at in the bright sun. It has a feature where it will take one picture without flash then one of same subject with flash. Takes panoramic pics. But I prefer to use AutoStitch (free from the Internet - http://autostitch.en.softonic.com/ ) One thing I’m not sure about it takes four AA batteries –don’t know how long they will last. Think I’ll get the rechargeable kind that way I can have a couple of sets that are always ready to go.
A recipe for the paella – I used this one from again, the Internet. But I leave out the seafood and throw a couple other things in it – what ever is in the refrig. But it is pretty good. We picked up some saffron while in Mexico – it is so expensive here!
Bill has made an addition to our houses sign out front. Around here lots of people “name” their homes: Gnarly Woods, Oak Haven, Serendipity etc. so a while ago we named our house Fantasy Manor and Bill made a sign for out front. Well he has now added Art Studio to it.
Life’s little irritations. We have big old street lights out front at either end of the driveway that go on and off at dusk and dawn – or at least they are supposed to. They’ve been coming on around 5:30 p.m. and going off who knows when. I guess all the power outages around here has screwed them up. So for two days now I’ve been trying to get them on the right time. There are FOUR pages of directions and so far the lights are winning. Will try again later.
Watched the Nationwide Race last night. Finally KBM’s car managed to finish a race in one piece. And even WON it. YEAH! KBM is Kyle Busch Motorsports – and his brother Kurt was driving the car. Quite a night for the family. Now if they can both do okay in tonight’s Sprint Cup race.
Worked on my colorful quilt while watching the pre race shows. It is coming together pretty nice. Have several of the blocks and strips sewn together. Now I have to decided on the border and backing – of course I’ll have to go buy some material for that. And I just found out there is fusible batting now. No more zillions of safety pins holding the front, batting and back together.
Bill has been busy too – lots of Wood Spirits waiting to be finished.
Fantasy Manor Art Studio work shop
Added three new ones to the web site this morning. Two have fur hats and one a snake skin hat. Very colorful.

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  1. You two are so very talented in so many different areas. It seems like you are busy all the time. Love your house sign! I think that your work room is also part of the Art studio not just Bill's.