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Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting some work done Inside and Out

Surprised to see how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything. Does that mean I’m getting old and forgetful or just been really really busy…….

Weather has been pretty good – about what we’d expect for this time of year. Cool but sunny – no rain expected till next weekend. But frost warnings for the next couple of nights. Glad we haven't bought any outside flower plants yet.
I got to thinking (?) the other night – we left Alfie [a class A RV] and Jennie [a class C RV] parked right next to each other in the storage lot – what if they get real cozy and we end up with a Class B? Maybe we should make sure they are at separate ends of the lot. Just pondering……
Mentioned we were watching old Doris Day movies last week. The clothes were so pretty then. And the movies were “cute” – can you imagine if today a movie was advertised as “cute” – no one but us old geezers would go to see it.
I’ve been working nonstop on Bill’s web site. Got the whole thing redone and the old one redirected to the new one. Everything I read about getting your web pages found suggests having Facebook and Twitter accounts! So guess I’ll have to try to drag myself into the brave new world and see how to do that. I don’t even understand the language about setting them up. But my thing is why would anyone happen to look at them? How would they find them? Is it worth pulling my hair out doing it? Bill has been busy working on a couple masks – they are very neat. Can’t wait until they are finished. They still have to be painted and decorated - this is just the first step.

Shaping the leather with a hair dryer
Yesterday we got outside some cleaned up the deck outside the bedroom and put the indoor/outdoor carpet down and brought the furniture out of the garage. Looks nice – still needs to be fastened down but he is letting it stretch first.
the peeling painted deck
Carpet down looking towards bedroom

looking out
Now we need to add a little bling to it.
And a picture of the parrot we got in Mazatlan for the screen porch. Looking into the woods out back.

We’ve been into town a couple of times – such a pretty drive through the countryside more and more trees are getting their leaves. Even the horse and carriages are out our little town.
And that's about it for now. Will try and be better about keeping this up. I also need to finish the necklace I started in Mexico. Off to to laundry and take pictures and make information cards for Bill's stuff.  


  1. sounds like you are getting everything done :) pics are great as usual..enjoy the spring temps while they last :)

  2. Carol--leave Alfie and Jennie where they are. If you can get them to produce a Class b, you'll be set for life. You do a blog and web pages so Facebook is a piece of cake. Lots of the WomenRVers are on there. But you might want to set up a Facebook page for Bill. That is often used for a business so people can "like" it.