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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Back - MiFi has new SIM and working fine [fingers crossed]

Went to town so now will finish this.

We are starting to get the summer flowers up around the house. Have about ½ of the hanging baskets we need. And some of the flowers for the flower boxes on the porch rails. Just a beginning here.
Some of the hanging baskets and the flower boxes on the rails that need to be planted.
One step each day and soon it will be done. The guy to clean the gutters is supposed to come – more like WAS supposed to come a few days ago. Called him again. Love living in the country. Also the guy to clean up all the downed branches in the yard. And all the leaves left from last fall.
Well between when the yard guy left and company for early dinner we zipped into town to the Verizon place. I got a new SIM card and everything seems to be working fine – anyway right now. They say if I continue to have problems they’ll give me a whole new unit. I’m glad to know that but prefer to have no more problems.
As we headed into town I noticed that the old barn I posted a picture of a couple of days ago has almost fallen completely down. Must have been the wind we had after I took the first picture.
And for the purists in the crowd here is a picture of a well kept barn.
This is a beautiful place all buildings are painted black including the pasture fence. And they have some magnificent horses. The black barn reminds me of Kentucky where we saw quite a few black barns.
While we were waiting for the yard guy Bill planted most of the flowers into the boxes. They look so pretty. They are wave petunias so they will hang down over the rail when they start growing.
Also got a couple of big ferns for the pots on the porch. This time of year taxes the budget. And speaking of which – our miracle of miracles our house taxes went down this year by over $400! – But on second though that might not be good news – the value of the house probably went down too. Don’t plan on moving anyway.
I’ve mentioned a couple of times our neighbor who has the big slate on his fence – he is always writing a saying, thought or message on it. I love the one out there today – “I’m not over the hill yet but I’ve got a good view.” Yep that’s where I am too.
Yesterday while in town Bill picked up a bunch of paint for his leather.
The ladies in the paint department were happy to see him leave I bet. And we found out that they can no longer put a dab of the paint on the lid of the can. A while ago when they were still doing that a lady claimed the wet paint got on her clothes and ruined them and the store had to buy her new clothes!!!! Now that is just crazy. She knew the paint was wet! But then the lady knew the McDonalds coffee was hot too. I wonder about this world.
Well Barcelona lost the game to Chelsea yesterday. About five minutes into the game Bill predicted they would lose. He said they were playing like they were tired. Only lost 1 to 0 but still a loss. And they have another BIG game - El Classico - on Saturday. Sure hope they win that one.
Just a picture of the clock downtown and one of the blooming trees.
Bill working on a new mask. It should be different when he is done.

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  1. Looks like ya'll have been busy :) Lookin good