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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Muggly day.

It is 8:30 and already over 90 on the back porch – going to be a lovely day. It “might” rain which would be nice, but if it doesn’t it will just be thicker “air you can wear.”

Got Willie fixed yesterday – I had said strut but reread the recall and it was the lower control arm that had to be replaced. Those are what always give problems in NASCAR races. Didn’t know we had them too.
Got a loaner car and went to the Mall in Columbus – what a shock – as we were going in being a smart aleck I said to Bill “We should be able to spend about 10 minutes in there at the four stores.” I think in 5 minutes we’d toured the whole place! At least 80% of the stores were no more. Store after store empty and gated. Book store gone, all four jewelry stores gone, food court closed except for one pizza place. No one in the place exccept the Mall Walkers. Really depressing. We did stop at the Chinese restaurant and have lunch though. Love orange chicken and it was delicious. While eating the car dealer called and said Willie was all fixed waiting for us. By then it was 102 out so we just went to Wal*Mart for groceries and home to hibernate.
Had company later in the evening so spent pleasant time talking about this little town and its quirks. Our company is an extremely talented and interesting woman named Laughing Womyn. http  Love it when she comes by to visit.
Today we might go in town for a little bit to check out the Chateau Winery where Bill might display his Wind Spirits for a month. And maybe I’ll do some cleaning – NOT!

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