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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Hot Hot - and computer problems - Lovely

Just a very short and quick post
Wanted to let everyone know we haven't melted away yet - but today might be the day! Supposed to break an all time record for Indiana for high heat today - 106 or over and thats without the "heat index."  Yesterday was 105. The last eight days it has averaged over 100 - cools down to low 80s at night so AC and fans are running 24/7. Supposed to maybe rain tomorrow a little - and cool down to high 80s - thats cool? But I'll take it.
Bill cannot even go out to water the plants it is so hot. Will have to do so tonight though after the sun goes down.
We went into town yesterday morning as he had to go to orientation for the Hoosier Artist Gallery - it is pretty loosely run......Should be interesting. His first day to work will be the 14th and only a part day with someone else so he gets an idea how it goes. No computers, just notebooks and scrapes of paper with jottings in them.
Anyway - went on into Columbus - whats with the gasoline prices. Day before yesterday they were $3.25 gallon - yesterday up to $3.59????? did something happen??? Went to Menards and just walking from car to store made me dizzy from the heat - crap. Left there and hit Wal*Mart for groceries then home. Glad to get back in the house. Today we are going no where. Wish the race was this afternoon but it is tonight - so long day with nothing on TV - nothing I want to watch anyway. Last nights Nationwide race was pretty good. Wish Danica had of had better luck. She had a mighty fast car. Glad Kurt won - he and owner need it. Kyle wrecked near end. Hope his luck changes soon - like tonight. Will keep my fingers crossed for him.
Writing this on my laptop as something is terribly wrong with my PC - says I have a Torjan but when I scan it it doesn't show up. Scan says everything is fine - no problems. I haven't downloaded anything or opened any unknown mail so don't know what is going on. Might have to end up going to Geek Squad.  
The heat has keep me in the basement a lot so I've been beading like crazy and making some new hand towels on the sewing machine. Made a couple of necklaces - different ones. And we got the brouchers and business cards that I made for FMAS. Turned out pretty good - thank goodness - pulled out half my hair making them.


  1. It is hard to stay busy when you are stuck inside coping with heat! OUR TEMPS WILL BE IN MID 80'S TODAY, that's cool considering!

  2. You might try the free micro trend scan. It is very good and free.
    I think it is better than the pay to subscribe scans.
    It has been over 100 degrees here in St Louis for 10 days, new record!