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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walk around Town


Enjoying the weather – by late afternoon it is up to 90 but I can live with that. We are even getting out of the house a little. Yesterday morning we went into town – Nashville – our little town – population around 900 to drop some cards off at the Hoosier Artist Gallery and the Visitors Center. Then to breakfast at the Hob Nob one of the older buildings in town. It used to be a pharmacy.
Then walked past the old Masonic building – next to the courthouse it is the biggest building in town. Saw an old picture of it the other day and there used to a gas pump in front of it.
Checked out a new shop in town – they sell olive oil in all flavors and balsamic vinegar in lot of different flavors. About $16 a bottle. You can taste everything before buying it. Hope they make a go of it. Nice place.
And saw these metal chickens – love them…Didn’t even check the prices cause I sure don’t need any more stuff. But if they’re still there next time we go by…….
Going into the Hoosier Gallery from the back door I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. Someone has knitted or crotched covers for the pipes. I’ve seen this before in a little town called Yellow Springs in Ohio. Very different. Supposed it keeps them from freezing in winter?
Any way today is the day that Bill’s stuff goes on display at the gallery – exciting.
One that I just finished
Been putting my new bracelets and necklaces on the jewelry web pages. Got the pictures up but none of the descriptions – have to be in blah blah mood to do that.
Guess we're going to take a ride to Bloomington now - nice day for it.

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