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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More School Costs and Shingles Vaccine

Our weekly paper came yesterday one of the articles in it was about back to school which is in a couple of weeks. The list of immunizations sure was long. Never heard of some of them. AND the book rental fees for the different grades. Kindergarten is $132.00 Kindergarteners need to rent $132 worth of books? I don’t remember any books in kindergarten! Here in Brown County if you’re not on the National School Lunch program breakfast is $1.50 and lunch is $2.50 – I continue to be amazed at the costs.

We went to the docs yesterday to find out about the Shingles vaccine – found out we can’t get it at the doctors office, need to get it at Walgreens. No problem – went into Columbus where there is a Walgreens. Found out our insurance whose prescription benefits go through Caremark which is CVS will not cover the vaccine at Walgreens – according to the pharmacist they “may” reimburse us. Cost of vaccine is $220 without insurance. Need to call Caremark today – then got to wondering what it would cost in Mexico? Hummmmmm Maybe I’ll try to get my cousin Jeff who lives in Mexico to look into it for us.
We also stopped in at Wal*Mart to buy some meat to freeze. Their choice steaks (in the black packages) – petit top sirloin – are very good. Small cuts just enough for two for a meal. And of course they didn’t have any on hand. Have to go back today or tomorrow for some.
Checked out the wall – display – space at the Chateau Thomas Winery where Bill is going to hang some of his Wind Spirits and Masks. Looks like it will be a good idea. Very nice place and there is entertainment there weekend nights too. Need a little more information but looks like it is good to go for next month.
It’s very hot out already this morning – never got below 80 last night. Today projected 104 without heat index – humidity is running at 80%. Glad I got some cleaning yesterday morning. Supposed to really rain all over tomorrow and cool down some for the weekend. Hope so – The big Brickyard 400 is this weekend.

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