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Monday, July 23, 2012

Just odds and ends

Have had a few days of decent weather – but it is heading back up into the high 90s and 100s for the rest of the week. Good thing we might get some rain every day – or even a lot of rain. We’ll wait and see I guess.

Getting so I don’t want to turn the TV on – what are the people of this world becoming? I feel so bad for all the families everywhere who lose people to senseless violence.
When we’ve gone into the markets or stores lately I’ve noticed kiosks with “School Supply List” finally stopped to check them out. I’m sure glad we no longer have five kids in school – couldn’t afford it.
Here is the list for one third grade child for the elementary school here in Nashville: 4 colored folders, 3 spiral notebooks, 2 composition notebooks, 1 pair scissors, 1 pack glue sticks, 4 packs Post-its, 48 pencils, 1 pencil box, 1 pack colored pencils, 1 pack washable markers, 1 large pack erasers, 2 large boxes Kleenex, and 12 USB flash drive at least 4GB. The folders and notebooks have to be certain colors! Is it like this all over the country now?
Didn’t do too much – into town and out for breakfast a few times. This afternoon we take Willie the jeep into have his recall fixed so will have to fool around Columbus a couple of hours. Suppose we could go to the Mall there as it will be hot out.
Watched the Nationwide race this weekend from Chicago – Kyle’s luck has not changed. His car wasn’t real good but he did manage to stay in the top 10 then got hit from behind right before the end of the race. Into the wall – car was destroyed. Hope next week in Indy the black cloud has left.
Later we were watching something on TV and Bill asked me to make a phone call. I dutifully punched the numbers in and wondered why I didn’t get a ring tone. Then I looked down at my hand OMG – I had the remote control to the TV – not the phone. Am I losing my mind????? Bill practically fell on the floor laughing.
This year we have more hummingbirds then we’ve had for a couple of years. Love watching them swooping around.

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  1. Hey, as long as you realized it was the remote as soon as you looked at it, you are just fine! Malls are great places to go when it's hot--as long as they have a coffee shop.