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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just another day.

It is so hot here – What will August and September be like? And I am not look forward to our water or electric bills. Forecast for Sunday is 104 so things aren’t getting any better.

Guess I gave Bill a hard time last night (my snoring) he got up at 5:00 and when I got up at 8:00 he cooked breakfast, ate and went back to bed. And we HAVE to go into town today we’re out of CORN for the deer. Bill said he threw them some bird seed this morning and they gave him dirty looks and stomped their feet at him. Just so they don’t go out front and eat all his plants.
I’ve been downloading a lot of free books from Barnes and Nobel for my Nook. Sure have been reading some strange stuff. One thing I noticed a lot and I do mean a lot of their free books are erotica…..go figure. And vampire and paranormal. Not that desperate yet.
We’ve been having some strange suppers lately as I’ve been trying to use up everything in the freezers before we go shopping at Sam’s Club to replace things. Also thrown out a couple of mystery packages – what was that stuff and why did I think I had to save it in the freezer??? Found a container of lemon juice we squeezed? squose? A couple of years ago – forgot it was even there.
Have you ever tried the Pero Farms Sweet Peppers – they are fresh red, yellow and orange baby peppers in a sealed bag. They are in produce and are really really good. Especially in salads. Wal*Mart carries them but I imagine other markets do too. Much cheaper then buying regular sized peppers and keep longer and taste better.
I’m working on a new necklace – it will be really pretty when it is done. But lots and lots of work and really have to pay attention to it.
Bill is out watering his plants and I'm getting ready to watch Design Star - kind of interesting.

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