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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why do eyebrows grow so long when you get older?

Ended up running into Columbus yesterday a.m. – picked up our meat from Wal*Mart and got some out of the garden fresh tomatoes from a friend. Yum.

Also got my hair cut really short again. The lady always asks me – you sure you want it that short? Yep. She also trimmed my eyebrows. Why do the white eyebrow hairs grow so long when the brown ones don’t? One of life’s little mysteries I guess.
Stayed cloudy and humid all day. Wild rain up north but not here. Today in the aft we should get some rain or maybe just bad wind. Who knows? Just Indiana weather.
We did find out that our insurance will not cover the Shingles vaccine – how nice. Neither does Medicare – unless you have Part D and we don’t.
I was just looking through all my recipe books looking for my old recipe for matambre – rolled stuffed flank steak. And I found an old recipe I’d cut out of the paper for Fried Pickled Fish. Fried pickled fish???? Why would I ever cut that out and save it? Who would pickle fish and why would anyone then fry it? Not me. Also came across my old Betty Crocker cook book. I’ve had it for over 55 years….
Water company came by yesterday to read the meter and left us a note suggesting we might have a water leak. They are coming back tomorrow morning to help check it out. We’re hoping it’s just cause we used so much water on the plants this past month. Talking to the guy at the water company he said, “Well you must love your plants a lot more than I love mine.” Yes guess we do.
Yesterday morning we had seven deer out back, three of which were fawns. They are so cute. But didn’t get the camera in time – when they hear the porch floor creak they take off.

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