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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Exciting Days - RAIN - Art Walk in Nashville

Saturday the 14th of July

Happy Birthday Paul - our 4th son He is the one on the far left – so many years ago.
Wouldn’t you know – it is finally raining here. Not hard but steady for the last half hour. Sure hope it keeps up. First time in months. We even have puddles on the ground. And wouldn’t you know tonight is the monthly Art Walk in town. And Bill is going to work it for a couple of hours at the Hoosier Artist Gallery. Here is the newspaper article introducing him! How exciting.
But back to the weather – this is longest drought with the highest temperatures since the Dust Bowl days. Most of the crops in the state are gone….It’s not like in the southwest where every field has an irrigation system. Here the farmers depend on the rain – and when there is now it is a disaster. In fact several counties have been declared a disaster area so the farmers can get some help.
The poor trees are really stressing. Without water their leaves dry up and fall off. Our driveway looks like it does in October with all the leaves in it.
Went to an Art Alliance of Brown County meeting the other night. Met a nice and very talented group of people who live and work here in the county. One of the reasons we moved here was because of all the art going on around here.
Into town –real town – yesterday and got me some different colors of polymer clay – having fun working with it. This is one of the necklaces I just finished – the face is clay. So I’m going downstairs, turn on the TV to watch NASCAR qualifying and play with the clay for a while.

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