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Monday, July 2, 2012

HOT HOT HOT - enough already!

Monday morning – already hot out. Got the laundry started and will get the bills paid in a few. We are in for another week – at least – of temps of 99 to 103. The earliest, longest and hottest days ever on record!! Aren’t we lucky we live here? We have all the ceiling fans running high all day and a floor fan upstairs blowing cool air into the computer room. At least we still have our power and the AC works really good.

The storm that powered through the area on Friday just missed us. We got some of the high winds but we were at the very southern edge of it. So the wind blew and the temps dropped for a while. Guess we lucked out. Usually Brown County looses its power if someone sneezes in the woods.
We did get some rain in the middle of the night but only enough to keep the plants and grass happy for a day or two. I wonder what effect the drought will have on the colors of the leaves in the fall.
Remember my saga with the outdoor lights. Trying to set them to come on and go off automatically. Well I finally gave up – they would either come on or go off – not both. Talked to the manager in the electric dept in Menards and he thought maybe with all the power outages here in the boondocks that the innards of the switches got screwed up. So we ended up buying new switches. After they were installed I happily programmed them. It was so easy – only two short paragraphs on how to do it instead of two pages like the old ones. Yah! It was done. NOT! – They didn’t come on nor did they go off in the morning. How could that be? Am I really that dense? Even Bill was losing faith in me. Then I sat down with a cup of coffee and reread the directions. Yep I did all of that – why weren’t they working? Oh look – one more paragraph to the directions…..and it said – drum roll…..”After programming be sure to set the switches to automatic”……DAH – Well now they work fine. Only took me all of April, May and June to get it done. Ever feel really really stupid?
Every morning when Bill goes out back a couple of deer are waiting for him to throw down some corn. He said this morning one of them was stomping her feet at him to show how impatient she was!
And we finally saw a turkey out back eating. First time this year. Last year we had six or seven of them and babies. Guess they fed someone over the winter.
Its been too hot to go out much so I’ve been watching TV – Times were so different in the 60s – 80s. Much more innocent. Watched “Annie Get Your Gun.” Some great music in it and then “7 Brides for 7 Brothers.” Love the dancing and the colors. In 7 Brides I noticed the girl’s dresses for the first time. Old fashioned of course but they were made using quilting patterns. Really neat.
The next couple of weeks will be busy for Bill (and maybe me.) He has to go to a meeting for the Artist Gallery this Friday and has to work there a full day on the 28th. His stuff will go on display the 11th which is just before this months Art Walk – exciting. Then next week there is the monthly meeting of the Art Alliance of BC. And I put together and ordered business cards and a tri-fold brochure – should get them in a couple of days. He really needs to give me a raise!!!!
The Studio Tour was kind of a bust….for the first time since we have lived here there was no one around us on our road with an open studio. All traffic was routed around the other road. So we had a quiet weekend. But it was worth a try. Isn’t this starting to sound too much like a JOB?!

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  1. Glad to hear that Bill is keeping busy and productive, I know...it's work for you too! Hope the art show goes well. Not quite as hot here, but hot enough for me!