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Monday, July 30, 2012

The deer did a NO NO

Watched the races over the weekend. Saturday was a disaster for my favorite driver – Kyle Busch. He was driving his own car #54 and it was very, very fast. In fact he lead a whole lot of the race. Then a little mistake, a spin and a bad finish. Been eight weeks of rotten luck for him. And Danica had a good race going until……nasty wreck. Felt bad for her.

Sunday was much better. The #18 was darn good, except for when it was belching black smoke??? What was up with that? But just couldn’t catch the #48 – no one could. All in all a good day for Kyle. Back up to 11 in points but really needs another win to clinch the Chase.
Last couple of days have been rather nice out – low 90s – so far this month – 30 days – 26 have been above 90. Unheard of for Indiana. And more in the forecast – and very little rain coming.
My little toe or “foot finger” as Bill calls them is still fat and purple. It’s okay if I’m barefoot but smarts like the devil if I put a shoe on.
Did get a few things done this a.m. Fun things like paying bills, think I have all the credit card information updated finally, vacuuming the way downstairs – basement, and doing the laundry. Then I spent about ½ hour on the phone with tech support for our Verizon MiFi. It’s been acting up for a few days now. Connects but doesn’t want to let us on the Internet first thing in the morning. I can usually get it working by fooling with it but not this morning. According to tech support, who actually spoke English as a first language, the problem is with something in Indianapolis that was being worked on as we spoke. Seems like there were lots of unhappy calls from this area. It is working like a dream for now.
Oh boy – Bill came in a while ago and was kind of put out with me. I am the one who sprays the plants out front with the Deer Off to keep them away. Well I kind of forgot to do it after the last little rain. Last night they had a feast. This used to be a really full plant. No leaves left.
Now that the damage is done I went out to spray to discourage them from coming back in hopes the plants will regrow. Using a new spray that is a mist instead of a stream of smelly stuff. All went well until I turned towards the front and discover too late that I was spraying into the wind. Guess now the deer won’t come near me. Bill either. Really stinks.

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