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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day of Storms and Cooler Weather

Yesterday started out as a pretty warm day but by evening it was in the mid 60s YAH!

Had to wait for the water company guy to come over “He’ll be there between 8 and noon.” Of course he got here at quarter till noon. So we made sure all faucets, toilets etc were shut off in the house then he checked the meter – NO activity - NO leaks – thank goodness. Just that we have used a lot of water this summer for the plants. It’s nice that they check.
While waiting for him I worked on the computer. Got my new credit card with new expiration date – this is the card I have all the household bills paid on so when we’re traveling I don’t have to worry about them. So had to update all the CC info on each account. Good Lord was that a project. First I had to remember who which wasn’t too hard as I just looked at last months bill. So I go to the first account….username and password. Hummmm Typed it in. “Wrong username or password!” Crap. And so it went –Why does everyone have different rules for your passwords? One was “at least 8 numbers or letters 4 of which have to be letters.” Eventually I remembered them all and got them all changed. All except one who I have to call as they don’t do computer. Life in Brown County.
I cooked the matambre yesterday – Bill says it came out good – I never really cared for it. Any way this is what it looks like. The flank steak is pounded flat them rolled up – inside is hard cooked egg, carrots, onions, peas and seasoning. Used to put fresh spinach in there too but didn’t have any. After cooking for hours you cool it down then slice it.
After it finished cooking we went into town. A storm passed as we were going in. The temps dropped 15 degrees in five minutes. All we got were a few sprinkles and wind.
Did some shopping and when we were on our way home the temps were back up into the mid 90s. About half way home another wave of storms came by catching us on the highway. Lots of wind and rain. And the windshield wiper on Bill’s side – of course – popped off!!!!! Got into our town and pulled under a gas station and he got out and fixed it. But by then the rain had stopped but the temperatures had dropped to 65. All this in a matter of 15 minutes. We continued on home but……TREE DOWN…… a big tree was clear across the road hanging on the power lines. Not good. So had to turn around and go another way home. Good thing there is another way. Lots of leaves and little branches scattered all over.
Oh yes another little thing about yesterday. I dropped one of Bill’s framed masks on my foot and smashed my little toe! And for once I did have shoes on. – Didn’t think it was serious when I did it but by last night it was swelling and bruising. This morning I don’t want to put a shoe on. Whole toe is big and purple. That’s okay gives me a good excuse to watch NASCAR all day. Practice, qualifying, practice, qualifying and a race. Busy day for drivers that drive in both Nationwide and Cup. Kyle’s #54 Nationwide car was fastest in both of the Thursday. Maybe his luck will change this weekend.
Well now the internet isn’t working….been going on and off all morning. Fooled with it and for now it is working so will post this quick! Didn't make it - will try now again! Bye

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