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Monday, July 9, 2012

AT Last! Cool Weather

A wonderful day today – going to be below 90 most of day and rest of week. Hooray! It is amazing that through all that horrible weather the inside of the house stayed pretty comfortable. Guess it was built pretty good.

Again we got only a few drops of rain yesterday just enough to smell it on the dirt and rocks. A few miles south of us they got downpours – guess this time the hills worked against us. But by 7:00 it was cool enough to shut off the AC and fans – first time in two weeks. Bill has been out already this morning to water his plants and when he came back in he wasn’t bright red and soaked and didn’t look like he’d been run over like the last few times last week.
I should get off the computer and run right downstairs and pull out the vacuum and get busy. Well maybe in a little bit. Have to pay bills first.
Like I said I’ve been beading like crazy ‘cause it is coolest downstairs where my beading table is. Made several of these – fast, easy and cute bracelets in different colors.
Spent part of yesterday watching reruns of Andy Griffith show – they were cute. Remember watching them with the kids when they were little. Long time ago.

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