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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Musing on Rain Clouds Good and Bad

Sunday a.m.

I made a note to myself to mention something that happened at the NASCAR races about a week ago when they were racing in Kentucky – about 80 miles from where we live in Indiana. One of the trackside announcers wanted to show how hot it was there so he put a couple of eggs and slices of bacon on a plate and put them on the track. In no time the eggs were cooked, the bacon was taking longer but before the experiment could be completed that terrible storm blew through the track and blew the food away. So didn’t find out how long it would take the bacon. I should have tried the same thing here during the last couple of days.
Yesterday hit 106 – without heat index- before we GOT RAIN – YES we got rain! All 16 drops of it. Well – really it rained for about five minutes – just enough to turn this place into a real steam bath. Not enough to do any good. But it did cool down to 99…….. And the air conditioner actually shut off about 10 p.m.
Today it’s not supposed to reach 100 – and we might get some rain this afternoon. Sure hope so. Everything down out of the hills is really looking poorly. Brown crunchy grass and drooping plants. Even lots of leaves already drying up and blowing off the trees. Up here in the hilly woods things are still pretty green.
We got the Tri-fold brochures (took me three times to spell that right!) and business cards I made in the mail. Turned out pretty good – pat self on back!

I need to do some cleaning around here but every time I even think about pulling out the vacuum or mop I break out in a sweat – so guess it will wait - next week is supposed to be in the high 80s all week so I’ll put everything on my list for then.
When we go into town we pass a big pasture with four horses in it. It is several acres big with a little stream running through it and one side bordered by the woods with shade. A funny thing for some reason the horses like to stand in one particular spot right next to the fence next to the road. Has to be the hottest part of the whole place. They’ve worn the grass out and now stand around on dusty dirt. Wonder why. Creatures of habit? I remember that we humans are kind of like that too – when I was going to night school I always wanted to sit in the same seat and got upset if someone got there before me and took “my place.” Even now both Bill and I have “our spots” to sit in the house.
There is another pasture with another horse on the same road. She too has favorite spots – in the winter she is near the road in the sun and in the summer she is way back in the furthest corner of the pasture with her back end to everything. But that makes sense as she is in the shade back there.
It’s hot and I have a lot of time to “ponder” on weird things.
I may have fixed the problem with the PC as it has been working great this morning so far – shush – I didn’t mention that. But thanks for the info about the web site – will bookmark it for future reference. Looks interesting.
Watched the races Friday and last night. Friday's Nationwide race was exciting and good racing. Except for Kyle getting wrecked near the end. Last night – the Cup race – was 150 laps of boredom and 10 laps of chaos. Kyle ran a really smart race, stayed up in the top five all of the race – until the last few laps when he was wrecked yet again. Finished 24th sideways and backwards through the grass. That black cloud needs to leave! Anyone remember the guy in Little Abner or was it Alley Oop that had the black cloud always hanging over his head? Looked it up - Joe Btfsplk was a character in the satirical comic strip Li'l Abner by cartoonist Al Capp A small, dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over his head to symbolize his bad luck. Hapless Btfsplk and his ever-present cloud became one of the most iconic images in Li'l Abner.


  1. Back in 1952, I was in the Army at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, outside of Indianapolis. I was being sent to Korea, so had to drive my car to California. I spent my last night in Prescott,AZ, and decided to go to the Hotel Hassayampa for dinner. They had a large dining room, with a long counter on one side. It had maybe 30 seats, all blond oak swivel stools with backs, like an old office chair. No one was sitting at a table, and only 2 diners at this long bar, so I chose a stool about the middle, at least 6 stools from either of the other diners.

    Soon after I ordered, I noticed some old-timer shuffle by behind me, in slippers and bath robe. He rested a few seconds, then shuffled back to the other end and paused again.

    Then the waitress came over and said "Sir, would you mind moving a few stools down? He's been sitting in that stool for dinner for the past 20 years, and I don't think he's going to eat until he can set there."

    Sure enough, soon after I moved down, he came back and sat in his favorite spot. Talk about being set in your ways....

  2. Great job on those brochures. They look very professional.