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Friday, May 31, 2013

Thunder and rain

Again the plans have changed. Had already decided not to pick up the Alfa today. We’re going to wait until the renovation is done so the contractor (and delivery trucks- more on that later) won’t have problems getting in and out of the driveway. We have a parking spot for the Alfa at the bottom of the driveway but when we first bring it home we want it by the garage so we can clean and load it up. So another week at least.
And we woke up to thunder and heavy heavy rain this morning. Don’t want to drive Alfy in it if we don’t have to. So where is Bill? Why he is out driving in the heavy heavy rain! Why? Where did he go? Guess…..The delivery trucks have made the driveway seem like a depot the last few days. FedEx, UPS and even one U-Haul It van. Package after package with “stuff” for the little pickup! Right now the two of them – Bill and his truck – are down at the mechanics getting the K & N filter installed and the new muffler system?????? Yesterday it was shocks and window tinting. Men and their toys. And all this time I’ve been slaving over a hot computer. Where’s the justice?
Went into town – when I say “into town” I mean the big town Columbus where there are actually some stores – to go to Wal*Mart and Menards yesterday afternoon. I was reading the list and saw “corn” – had to ask what kind of corn? Canned corn for people, bagged corn for deer or dried cob corn for the squirrels. It was the squirrel kind this time. Also reminded me to get some people corn too.
Did you get some more corn?
Here it is – yum
The one on the bottom is good too. Hanging by his tail.
Oh boy the TV just went out – no signal – Here in the hills all we can get is satellite. Hope it’s back on by 10 so I can watch the Truck qualifying. Come to think of it I hope we don’t lose our electricity – the ground is so wet and a little wind and the trees start going down around here. At least with the Verizon MiFi we can usually keep our Internet signal in a storm – not like Hughes Net that was out more than on.
I’ve only got one more square to knit and I’ll have all the pieces for my baby afghan. Just have to figure out how to put it together now. And should the pieces be washed and or blocked before I put it together? Will it shrink? Guess I’d better call a knitting friend. And I wonder if I can use my embroidery machine to put some cute designs on it? Humm will have to think on that.
I’m waiting to finish the paint in the bathroom until the contractor is done. And he is almost there. Shower doors will come today. Then it is mostly trim work. Funny how bland a room looks without any personal stuff in it. 
Nope toilet isn’t working yet – still needs a few things. And knobs need to be put on. Also got white paint for the door and window trim. At least in a couple of days it is supposed to cool down to the mid 70s again – good time to paint. 
Tonight we are supposed to get severe weather with high winds. Ugh.

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