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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cactus, jewelry and sales. Oh My!

Just wanted to share some pictures from the Ethel M Chocolate cactus garden. I love the plants. So much life in the desert. 
 I want to plant some of these plants with the orange flowers around our yard. Maybe in the Spring. They bloom for a long time. 
 A tiny bit of color in the desert

 For those of you who have been to Baja a Boojum Tree. Doesn't seem to be doing too good here in Vegas. 

I took a lot of pictures but liked these the best. 
I continue to work diligently on my web page. Have discovered a lot of things that have to be fixed. How did it get so messed up? Links don't work, pages won't load...ugh! Going to finish up a few new additions today and then leave the real cleaning up for my recovery time. Won't be able to do anything but sit around then for a while. 
The park where we live is having a giant yard sale on the 17th - think we'll put some things out that we brought and aren't going to use.  And then the 5th of December there is a Craft and Bake sale. I've already reserved a table. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of sell some stuff then. [jewelry, leather work,books]
Much to our surprise in September we sold 6 of our All The Way to Argentina books on Amazon. Our biggest sale month ever! 
Bill is watching a soccer game but I don't think I'll be watching much NASCAR for a few days. Horrible weather in Dover. Although there is a truck race tonight - from here in Vegas. 


  1. I love that desert garden. Beautifl pics

  2. wish I could do that to our backyard. maybe little by little - one plant at a time.