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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Well CRAP - I thought things were going too good.

Today is the park's "yard sale" day. A couple of our neighbors have been selling quite a bit. I told Bill he better keep the garage door down or we'd have buyers wandering around too. 
Speaking of Bill - did I mention he has a new toy - he is learning to use an air brush to do decorative painting. Here he is learning to make water droplets. He has his laptop set up so he can go on line for lessons. 
He keeps eyeing Willie, the Jeep and mumbling something about Flames...And this is like every other new hobby - you get the original set up and then need so many more things. My being not up to snuff has kept him from doing much shopping. But I can see lots of trips to Michaels, JoAnns and Dick Blick in our future. But that's okay with me - I like to go to all three stores too. 
Did you hear the latest - If you live in the state of Nevada you can't use some of the fantasy betting sites on TV - Draft Fan for one. The Nevada gaming commission just laid down the law. For the sites to work here in Nevada they have to purchase a gaming license. According to the commission they are games of chance not skill. 
Rained here during the night and really brought the temps down. So nice. Should stay cool for the next week. 
I've had a set back with my surgery. In the last couple of days a problem has cropped up. One I didn't have BS before surgery. Called the doc's office and we are on a wait and see time table. Hopefully it is temporary and will clear up as soon as the insides are happier. If not it means another surgery in 3 months. This is what happened eight years ago when I had the very first surgery - that required four more to fix the problem I didn't have to begin with. Not a happy camper, but can't do anything but wait and see. The good side is I'm free of pain so guess I shouldn't complain...
Working on the jewelry web page still. Found a lot of pieces that weren't on it. So adding them. Mostly bracelets. 
Taking it easy again today. Between web sight and NASCAR I should be amused most of the day. Did go out and walk around the block this morning enjoying the weather. 

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