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Monday, October 19, 2015

It rains in Vegas

Yes it does rain in Vegas. And thunder and lightening and hail. The one lone black cloud in this video is sitting just to the southwest of us. In the perfect place to block out our satellite TV signal 20 LAPS FROM THE END OF THE RACE! It did come back for the very end though. You can't see the hail - it was pretty tiny but you can hear it on the aluminum patio cover. 

This is out back. Even louder, I just missed getting a big clap of thunder. Here is some of the hail. Like I said tiny.
Just called the Doc's office and he wants me in there in an hour - as you can guess there is another Oh Oh going on. Don't think it is serious - just a complication to healing. I should have lived with the pain! 
Not doing much - watching TV and reading. Getting tired of both. 

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