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Friday, October 2, 2015

Something to write about today

Today I have something to write about! First off the weather is great only in the high 80s today and getting cooler every day for a while. And this morning was the second morning we went walking around the park. Need to keep that up.
This is a little bunny sitting in the back yard. The back yard consists of rocks and three trees. Gotta love Las Vegas landscaping - no upkeep. 
Kind of different from what we had in Indiana. The animals were bigger there too. 
We had errands to run this morning - which didn't turn out the way we expected them to - but that's a different story. We were over in the Green Valley part of Henderson and saw these guys next to the highway. Took me a minute to realize they weren't real. So lifelike. 
And these guys were across the street. I love unexpectedly finding stuff like this. 
Bill hand an appointment with an eye doctor and when we got there they said they didn't accept our insurance - what? So good bye. Will find another one. On the way home we came upon the Ethel M Chocolate factory. We've been there before - especially around Christmas when they decorate their whole cactus garden. But decided to stop anyway. 
As we got there a tourist bus was leaving and another one didn't arrive until we were leaving. Yah! Just as you enter the tourist area. This in front of the cactus garden. 
Inside the factory, it was too busy today. But they were working on VALENTINE candy. All ready?
Some of the Valentine heart shaped candy - here it is tipped up and dumped out of the molds on to the conveyor belt on the left.
The candy moving down the line. Notice it separates into groups.

Oops what happened here? Only two candies in this section. 

Remind you of Lucy and Ethel? These ladies take the candy and put it in the Valentine boxes. 
Then of course we got a free sample and then into the sales room. Did I buy anything? What do you think. Yes I did. I got some "Spirit Chocolates" All different kinds of liquors in barrels. And as the cashier rung the sale up she put an ice pack in the bag with the candies to keep them from melting. How neat is that? The ice pack is the thing on the left. 
Quote "The Spirit Chocolates use crème beaters to individually blend rum, bourbon, amaretto, Irish Crème, coffee liqueur and orange liqueur into a creamy filling, then pour it into the decadent milk and dark chocolate shells for an intoxicatingly sweet chocolate treat." Unquote. Sounds good huh? I haven't had one yet. Waiting until after dinner. 
Took some pictures in the cactus garden but haven't sorted them yet. 
Usually today I would have spent watching NASCAR practice and qualifying - but it is in Dover, Del this week - and the track is under water. Doesn't look good for tomorrow or Sunday either. 

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