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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Strange things in the desert.

Feeling so much better. So many things I do now without the pain I’ve lived with for a long time.
Just wanted to share a picture of what I came home to. So nice. 
I put this picture as my desktop on my PC so I won’t forget how pretty they are.
Just odds and ends to write about today. For those of you who followed Ms. Tioga and George just wanted to let you know he called us the other day. He is doing great and enjoying his life in So Calif. He’s keeping busy and might come to visit us later in the year.
I also got the last piece for my sewing machine cabinet. 
It is a clear lexicon piece that fits between the cabinet and the machine when the machine is in a lowered position. Fits perfect. Might use it tomorrow.
A reader asked me about the picture at the top of the blog. They were wondering if that was a cross just to the left of the middle. To be truthful I’d never noticed it. So went outside, figured out where I was standing when I took the picture, and zoomed in. Nope it is just a cement power pole. 
But later on in the afternoon about the time I took the original picture the sunlight hits it just right and reflects off the wires adding the look of a cross arm.
While I was out back checking that out I saw something else weird in the desert - quite a ways from us - it was bobbing up and down above the brush. I could see dust flying around in the same area so maybe it was a machine or something. 

Whatever it was it was big tall.Still don’t know what it is/was. Haven’t seen it since.
Not talking about the NASCAR races this weekend - disappointing to say the least. Maybe next week will be better.

Tomorrow I have to get out of the house - maybe just for a ride or something…


  1. Love the flowers but the note says it all. So glad that all went well and are you feeling more normal. Don't overdo it though.

    1. I feel so much better than I did before it is hard to take it easy.

  2. what a great guy you have. Glad you are on the mend

    1. He is pretty good - think I'll keep him for another 50 years.