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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Desert Sunrise

Up early again this morning. Well worth it though as I got to see the sunrise over the desert. Lots of high black clouds and rain on the west end of town. We didn't get any here but lots of dark clouds to the south and west of us. 

One more day of 4 a.m. pills - then hopefully no more sunrises for a while. At least until I catch up on my zzzzs. 
And today the temps are supposed to start going down. 
Went to doctor's yesterday. Everything is going along great don't have to go back for three months. But think I overdid it yesterday. After docs we went shopping. I feel so good I forget I need to take it easy. This old bod just doesn't spring back like it used to.
Been reading a new series [4] of books by Sue Henry. The main character is a 63 year old woman who travels with her wiener dog in a 30 foot Minnie Winnie. And of course she finds some kind of trouble and/or adventure where ever she goes. Light fun reading. Makes me want to go somewhere. One book was about Colorado and another about the area around Taos. That one was also about weaving rugs etc. Hum...sounds interesting. BUT...just finished another book about crocheting and went out and bought a How To Crochet book. Might give it a try. That's just what I need another hobby. Because you can't just stop at one crochet hook and one ball of yarn. I'm getting that "I want to do something creative" feeling. I will probably be making a quilt as we have another great grandchild on the way. But right now I want instant gratification. Maybe I should just cook an interesting meal. Would be cheaper. 
Does anyone know what kind of pine? tree this is. It is dropping long needles and pine cones all over our yard rocks. Guess I could get creative with the cones...

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