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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Home and relaxing.

Saturday morning and all is well. I got home yesterday early afternoon. Surgery was Thursday and was more complicated than The Doctor expected. The procedure took much longer [over an hour longer] than expected and I guess had Bill really worried. But hopefully everything is repaired and back in place for the rest of my life. 
I feel good, no pain just discomfort mostly, I think from the hospital bed! Hard sucker. Excellent care at hospital - no complaints there. 
Today I feel wonky - still nervous and jumpy. But no reason to be. Guess I just worked myself up to a state that will take a while to come down from. When they were getting me ready my blood pressure was so high they were worried. Don't think they believed when I told them I've never had high blood pressure and NO I've never taken medication for high blood pressure. Yes I was sure. Little by little it settled down - thank goodness as the anesthesiologist was a little apprehensive at first. 
They did find a stone in my bladder - a stone? - which may have been the cause of all the infections. I knew I always described my pain as feeling like I was sitting on a rock - but really - a stone....
So now I'm home and enjoying being waited on. Came home to a beautiful bouquet of roses. Bill's so sweet. And he's arranged for one of our son's girls [he owns a maid service] to come over once a week to clean the house. Boy I could get used to that. When the doctor was telling me what I couldn't do for several weeks I told him I had already told Bill he had to lift the frying pans out of the cupboard. The Doctor looked at me kind of funny and I said "I've convinced him they are really heavy."     Everyone laughed and said go for it. 
It is still hot here 93 today and DOWN to 90 tomorrow - come on Vegas it is the middle of October already. Cool off!
So that's it. Lots of NASCAR on TV today to keep my mind occupied. 


  1. Glad to hear everything is well and you are now on the mend. Enjoy being waited on!!!!

  2. Good to hear all is well, here not so good I am now in the hospital with pneumonia but today I think I feel human again maybe tomorrow home

    1. Hope you get well fast. Not fun to be in hospital.

  3. Glad the surgery went well. Now you will be all healed up for your travels.