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Monday, October 5, 2015

Thunder and Rain here in Vegas

Woke up to a rumble this morning - Oh thunder. Looked outside it was raining. [On reflection I think it was an airplane I heard as I haven’t heard anything since I got up.] But it is definitely raining. Not pouring just dripping. Make a liar of me - just thundered! Only supposed to reach 75 today with lows in the 60s tonight. In fact there might be snow on Mount Charleston. But can’t get too excited - by Friday back up in the mid 90s.
Funny what little things put glitches in everyday activities. Because we have a Verizon home phone we don’t get a phone book - actually does anybody get them any more? We did in Indiana but we had ATT there. So many things I go to look up - don’t have a book - have to go on-line. I still prefer the book. Showing my age.
Also showed it the other day at a car dealer. We went to look at new cars - they come with so much stuff - stuff we’d never use but you have to pay for. Most of the ones we looked at were in the high $30 - low $40K range. My gosh our first house cost a lot less than that. The paint job was $500 extra, the chrome wheels added more to the price, the Bluetooth and sirrus radio, big screen for back up camera…really I don’t want any of that. Oh but they come with the car. Well if they “come” with the car don’t charge me extra for them. I don’t remember the last time we had the radio on in the car. I sure don’t need Sirrus. And all the things that light up and make noises if another vehicle gets next to you. Hello - be a defensive and aware driver. If someone who just started driving with all these things gets into an old car - LOOK OUT! Am I getting unreasonable in my old age? We have decided we will keep our old and comfortable cars that don’t hiss and beep at us.
We’ve been missing some small things but think we’ve found them all now - they were in the basement compartments of the Alfa. Got a bunch of boxes out of it the other day. Just like Christmas.
The weather cleared in Delaware so I got to watch all my races over the weekend. Only seven more to go and the season will be over.
Discovered our oven cooks HOT, really HOT. Set at 300 - thermometer reads over 400! That needs to be fixed. Got directions from the Internet so will try it - otherwise will have to call Hotpoint dealer - oops - forgot don’t have a phonebook to look one up. I know, I know - look on-line.
Today will be spent mostly on computer getting a lot of business taken care of. Setting up accounts, checking budget and straightening out files. Things I’ve been putting off doing but want to have finished before Thursday.
As for Thursday - several people have asked about the up coming surgery. It is related to the infections and pain I’ve been having the last couple of years. I waited until we were back in Vegas to have it done. The Doctor here is the one who did the two final surgeries on me for a related problem eight years ago. He had to correct problems two other doctors made in the process of three surgeries. That was a mess - five surgeries in 12 months, three different doctors and five different hospitals. So I am a little leery of going “under the knife.” I didn’t mention that the first doctor with the first surgery almost managed to kill me. He nicked a vein and I would have bled to death if the nurses hadn’t pulled another doctor out of another operation room to come help. As it was I got 8 units of blood. In the past…

So anyway best get busy doing something productive. 

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  1. Wishing you all the best for your surgery will be thinking of you