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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Everything sparkles around here.

It is so freaking hot out I can't hang on to the door knob for the screen door! Thought I wanted to take a short walk. Didn't take me long to change my mind. Even the car is too hot to go any where. By the time the car cools down it will be time to come home!
Do I sound crabby? Yep! Yesterday I was weepy and today crabby. No wonder Bill is hiding in the computer room and ignoring me. 
This time the antibiotics I'm having to take have to be taken on an empty stomach - no food one hour before or two hours after! I'm trying to take at 4 a.m. - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. -10 p.m. You would think I could manage my meals in between those times. But when am I hungry why 10, 4 and 10. I usually wake up sometime around 4 a.m. so that made sense to me. This morning I woke up at 3:10 [too early]- then fell back to sleep until 4:45 - oh well close enough. Wasn't hungry when I got up then pretty soon it was 9:30 - well, nuts. 
I started to write this two days ago but it sounded so pathetic I stopped. 
It is now Wednesday about 15 to 6 in the a.m. - two more days and I won't have to wake up at 4 anymore - goody. Just can't get back to sleep. 
Today to to the doc's office to get all the   paraphernalia out. Can't wait. I am feeling really good, except for wearing out quickly. And the heat doesn't help. But starting tomorrow it is supposed to get cooler - reaching the mid 70's as highs for the weekend. I can't wait, Bill is looking for his long johns!
Yesterday was a great day. I think I mentioned that our son who lives here in Vegas owns a cleaning service. Around noon this truck pulled up out front.
Yipee! Mayberry's Maids -"We bring that small town service to your home."  
Two young women came in and got to work. They bring all their own cleaning supplies with them. [I'm going to call him to find out what they used on the granite counters in the kitchen 'cause they never looked so good] 
They cleaned this place from top to bottom - all the baseboards are now white. The top of the door jambs are clean! [I taught him that when he was young.] Not a speck of soap scum anywhere in the bathrooms. And get this - I love it. 
just a nice touch

wonder where they learned this?
So now all the cleaning that was supposed to be done by the parks ladies and all the stuff I said "I'd get to" is done is done - everything sparkles and smells so good. Thank you son! And ladies. 
While they were in here Bill was outside giving Willie, the Jeep, a spa day. Cleaned inside and out and all his tanks filled. He did the same thing to the car.
I think he wants to get everything done 'cause he has a new toy - an air brush painting thingy. 
And I just remembered we have a new great grandchild who will be here around Christmas so I'm looking at quilt patterns. Going to be "crafty" around here soon. 


  1. So nice when a cleaning service does a great job!! Really hot and dry here in Palm Springs. But the drought is really having a negative effect on the grass and trees.

  2. His Mom trained him well...once they reached a certain age they did all their cleaning of their rooms and bathrooms.
    Hope to see you guys before you head north again.