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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hungry and Thirsty

I am hungry and thirsty. And it is only 9:30. Don’t have to be at hospital until 11:30 and surgery isn’t till 1:30. Won’t be home until sometime tomorrow. Time is just dragging.

I forgot to mention on yesterday’s post. Not long after we got home from all the pre-op stuff with the question of “Has anyone threatened you lately?” I banged my forehead on the corner of the kitchen cupboard! Really BANGED it. Got a big lump, the size of my thumb - right in the center of the forehead. OMG - how am I going to explain that? Bill grabbed an ice pack and set me down on the couch with instructions not to take the ice off and not to move. Guess he is a pretty good doc. I have no lump and no bruise - just a very, very sore spot. Don’t think anyone will notice it.
Will write again when I can. 


  1. Last time I visited an urgent care facility, I got that question, plus "Do you feel safe living alone?" and "Have you fallen in the last year?" I told them I had fallen off my bike in Arizona, and that I drove a 32' motorhome all over the country. Seemed to satisfy them! I call these the old people's questions.

    Hope your surgery and recovery goes well.

    1. Yes, some of those "old People" questions are kind of insulting. But I guess if we're insulted we don't need them.
      home and recovering now just feel lazy and achy.

  2. Hope all went well for you. The banner picture at the top of your blog - where was that taken? I see a cross center but to the right - is it man made, lighting or natural? I find it interesting.

    1. taken from our back yard out of the desert - never noticed the cross like thing - will have to go out later and see if I can see it.