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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cooking and Cleaning

Yesterday was a busy day - it was supposed to rain but we didn’t see any. But it remained nice and cool. Even this morning we have all the doors open to let in fresh air. We still have to get screens for the windows - so keep them closed for now.
The traffic problems from the TV - they sure don’t know how to drive in the rain around here.
And a small rainbow above the homes across the street. A big one was trying to form up higher but never got bright.
Yesterday I had to go to the hospital for all the pre-op stuff. Figured we’d be there all day as I couldn’t make an appointment. We got there about 9:30 - had the car Valet parked! And went in. Filled out some paperwork then went to the Pre-Op waiting room. Only there a few minutes when my name was called for the EKG, came out of there and the nurse was waiting for me to take blood. While getting poked I hear my name called again. Bill said I was with the nurse so the lady [nurse] told Bill to bring me to her room when I got done. So down the hall and answered more questions about general health and one really weird one. “Has anybody threatened you in the last couple of weeks?” What? Of course not. Strange. Then she gave me instructions for the day of surgery and sent me off for chest Xray. Walked right in got that done and it was time to go home. Picked up the car from Valet - time elapsed not quite 1 hour.
From there we just went shopping for a while. Didn’t buy anything but did a lot of looking. Then to grocery store and home.
Later on I decided to make empanadas - I had picked up the dough from the Argentine market a week or so ago. I made the filling and Bill helped put it in the dough and form the empanadas. Brushed them with egg and put in oven. Glad I had tested the oven. Set it at 275° and it cooked great at 350°.
Eventually I’ll get it fixed or get a whole new unit.
Bill helping make the empanada - the filling is in the pan
ground beef, ground Italian sausage, onions, garlic, all colors of peppers, olives, hard cooked eggs and left over vegetables - this time corn. And Italian spices of course. 
A batch waiting to go into the oven
The done deal. We made 64 and have filling left so will make another trip to store for more dough. They freeze good.
This morning we went to the Alfa to get a few things. He looks so lonely just sitting there. The storage lot in here in the park and only a couple of blocks from us. And inexpensive.
And while Bill was out making noise in the garage I did some house cleaning. Vacuuming and mopping. Won’t be able to do that after I get home. So our son will be sending over some of his girls to clean for a few weeks. He owns a Maid Service here in Vegas. But I couldn’t let the girls think his Mom was a bad housekeeper.  


  1. What is empanada dough? Like bread or pie crust dough? I would love to have your recipe! Hand "pies" are great to keep in the freezer.

    1. I buy the dough pre-made. It is like a pie crust dough.

  2. Hope all goes well with your surgery - prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. Federal law mandates the question re: domestic violence. We have to ask if they feel safe. Hope your surgery goes well. My surgery in August went well but I had to be readmitted a week later for a bowel obstruction. I am never having surgery again LOL

  4. Im coming...im coming. Save me a few

    1. Bill had em for breakfast and lunch today.

  5. OMG ..Those look so good ..One of my favorite things to eat!!!... and like Tom I'm salivating.. Wishing you a safe surgery and an even quicker recovery.